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"What we do and why we do it."

Music of John Cage, Steve Reich, and So Percussion.

John Cage and Steve Reich are two pillars of percussion chamber music.  Many of their once radical ideas are now widely accepted as part of America's experimental classical music tradition.  So Percussion has been playing their music from the beginning, and it inspires our own original music.  

This program is a balanced mixture of classics such as Reich's Drumming and Cage's Third Construction with selections from So Percussion's amid the noise and Imaginary City.  

"We are all going in different directions:" A John Cage Celebration in 2012

For So, John Cage's work is never far from our mind. Whether we are playing Cage's music, writing music ourselves or collaborating with musicians from across a broad musical spectrum, his ideas of structure, sound and innovation have permeated our music making. When we thought of how to celebrate the life and work of John Cage in the 100th year of his birth, we came up with two programs that follow the thinking of "We Are All Going in Different Directions."

Features Cage works such as: Third Construction, Credo in US, Child of Tree.  Program also includes new work and collaborations honoring Cage by Dan Deacon, Matmos, Cenk Ergun, and So Percussion.  

where (we) live

Where do we live?

For eight years, So Percussion has made our home in Brooklyn amid two million five hundred thousand others. In our city, each of the group’s four members has constructed a personal ecosystem we call home. These homes are bound by space, time, sound and image. Equally, these spaces house rewarding, frustrating, supporting, damaging, tangible and never understood relationships. 
When we leave those homes, our four members unite to create another artistic home, with its own unspoken rules and expectations; its own rhythm of interaction, its own banalities and mystery.

Where (we) Live questions all these homes by purposefully inviting the unknown to “come on over.” We’ve asked video artists, songwriters, painters, choreographers, directors and others to substantively alter our process. The resulting performance contains a society of possibilities: composed pieces, chance elements, visual associations, and theatrical interactions.

Where (we) Live premiered at the Walker Art Center in September 2012.  It will be featured on BAM's Next Wave Festival December 2012.