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So Percussion

The four members of So Percussion are the primary faculty of the So Percussion Summer Institute.  You can read more about So here.

Andrea Mazzariello

For this first year of the Composition Program at SoSI, we will be joined by Princeton-based composer Andrea Mazzariello, who will help in the planning and running of the composition curriculum.  Andrea has had works performed at the Summer Institute every year since the beginning: all four parts of his 'Bot' series have been played at SoSI.  You can read about the pieces here and watch a video of Babybot (the third part of the set) here.

Princeton Music Department


Every year at SoSI we are joined by the amazing faculty and graduate students of the Princeton University Music Department, all of whom have written many works for percussion.  In past years we have been joined for masterclasses and coachings by Princeton composers Steve Mackey, Dan Trueman, Barbara White, and Paul Lansky.