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We're putting stuff up here that we think is interesting. Do whatever you like with it (except pretend it's yours or something else lame).

June Remix - Josh Quillen/Jason Treuting

Pandemonium, movement 2 - Paul Lansky

Josh Quillen, solo steel drums

Barn Sampler - Jason Treuting/Josh Quillen

Jason Treuting:

Society of Spectacle
Beth Meyers - Viola and Vocals
Mixed and engineered by David Snyder

How to (blank) or how to make music with a newspaper headline
featuring participants of the So Percussion Summer Institute 2009

Josh Quillen:

Old Friend
Rummage Sale Whale

Four Short Pieces

Bass Lines Rock 
I Was Born
Joe Green
Just Numbers

Eric Beach:

Installation Music for the Bathroom at Grumpy's Coffehouse, part 1

Ambient Music from Music for Trains

Northbound by Josh Quillen/Jason Treuting
Southbound by Eric Beach/Jason Treuting
Eastbound by Josh Quillen/Jason Treuting