our music

what we do 

The Sō Percussion formula is simple: we pursue everthing we are interested in.  Our group started in the vein of classical chamber music groups, gathering and commissioning repertoire from important composers to perform at the highest level.  This mission remains intact, but in the last dozen years has expanded to encompass writing music for ourselves, as well as creative music collaborations that span across musical categories.  

Enjoy the samples below.  For more information, click on the links in each category to explore more comprehensive archives of all of this work.  

percussion masterworks

So Percussion was founded in 1999 on a handful of pieces by master composers, believing that many had not yet been written. Since then, we have been dedicated to commissioning new works from the most exciting composers of our time, many of them American.  

Click HERE to explore our percussion quartet repertoire in greater depth.  


our own music 

Since 2006, the members of So Percussion have been writing music for the ensemble.  Using our studio in Brooklyn as a laboratory, we often create music that is about "place:" a city, our immediate sonic environment, even how the past resonates where we are today.  


In the process, we have sometimes stretched the percussion ensemble to its limits.  Following Cage's example, and inspired by collaborators like Matmos, we have integrated electronics, ambient noise, and whatever else interests us.   You can enjoy many features and excerpts of this music on our Youtube channel.

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We have been inspired by many wonderful collaborators.  Their contributions help us create entirely new works that defy categorization.  These experiments range from folk fiddle and guitar, to classical piano, to electronic noise.  

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