Sō Percussion Summer Institute

Sō Percussion Summer Institute 2020
SōSI 2020 Online
July 12-26, 2020

Check out the program for our Day of Awesomeness! 


An unusual time means creating new art forms…

SōSI 2020 Online

*Applications for the Collaborative portion of SoSI 2020 Online are closed. Registration for the online course (no application) is open until July 6th!

Announcing SōSI 2020 Online, a new summer course from Sō Percussion! In place of our 12th annual Sō Percussion Summer Institute on the campus of Princeton University, and in light of the current situation we are all in with the Covid-19 national emergency, we are designing a new virtual SōSI with two main tracks. Although SōSI is normally limited to percussionists and composers, SōSI Online is available to musicians of any instrument or creative discipline in music.

Collaborative SōSI is an online festival where participants work towards common realizations of new work, reinterpreting older work that suits online collaboration, and sharing their own projects, with multiple opportunities to share with the public through So’s channels. The festival culminates in a “Day of Awesomeness” marathon stream of work from the festival on Sō Percussion’s social media.

“This is a moment to be creative and make work that is different from what we normally do.”

Percussion member Jason Treuting

SōSI alumni Daulton Mattingly and Kirstian de Leon sport their SōSI t-shirts for a new realization of Jason Treuting’s June, part of So Percussion’s program The June Project.

Please email Shelby@sopercussion.com with questions and inquiries. 

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OPTION 1) Collaborative SōSI – an interactive festival of online collaboration with other participants and Sō Percussion. Open space is limited. Brief free application. Application open until May 29, 2020!

  • Tuition – $500

Details about the program:

Five areas of activity:

  • New Works (for remote collaboration) – New pieces written for SoSI 2020 Online, harnessing the unique challenges and opportunities of online collaboration. We will need creators and interpreters to bring these to life!
  • Past Works (in remote collaboration) – Some pieces in the experimental and percussion music traditions use conceptual frameworks which lend themselves to remote collaboration. This includes works based off of a stopwatch, ambient pieces, pieces with chance operations, etc.
  • Go placidly amid the noise – Jason Treuting’s signature pieces for flexible instrumentation can be built in layers and change from one realization to another. Participants will collaborate on fresh new versions of these pieces.
  • All Play: Large Works for flexible instrumentation. Each year at SoSI we feature one large work to involve as many participants as possible, such as Steve Reich’s “Drumming” or Terry Riley’s “In C.” We will do 1 or 2 of these projects.
  • Creative Salon: Anything goes! Free forum for participants to collaborate and feature things they are excited about. Could be a composition, a performance of existing repertoire via remote collaboration, or another personal creative project.

Other Facts:

  • Held during the same 2 weeks of July that SōSI was scheduled for: July 12-26, 2020.
  • Creative laboratory to make and perform new works through online collaboration, with direct mentorship from Sō Percussion.
  • Guest lectures, talks, and listening sessions with Princeton faculty, Sō Percussion, and other amazing guests (TBD).
  • Public live-streamed performances on Sō Percussion’s social media channels.


  • Availability during the two week festival July 12-26.
  • Access to a computer, laptop, ipad, or cell phone for recording purposes.
  • Access to reliable internet.

OPTION 2) SōSI Online Course (automatically included with Collaborative SoSI). Registration available until July 6, 2020!

  • Tuition – $250. Sign up is automatic, no application.

Details about the program:

    • Online course designed by Sō Percussion covering a vast terrain of interests in percussion, chamber music, new music, and experimental music.
    • Runs July 12-26, 2020, concurrently with Collaborative program.
    • Learn at your own pace and get what you want out of it.
    • Exclusive library of pre-recorded content: videos, writing, lectures, exercises. Examples include:
      •       Chamber Music 101: The fundamentals of playing together in an ensemble. Includes cueing, part preparation, rehearsal techniques, performance tips.
      •      A deep dive into the process of creation of some of So’s signature pieces, such as works by Steve Mackey, Caroline Shaw, David Lang, Julia Wolfe, and So Percussion.
      •      Courses designed by the individual members of Sō Percussion, covering topics such as steel drum performance in contemporary music, coordination on drumset, the history and practice of 20th and 21st century experimental music, and integrating technology with new music.

    Guests from Past Years

    The past years of the Summer Institute have included masterclasses, talks, and performances with a great number of amazing artsists including Caroline Shaw, Paul Lansky, Steve Mackey, Dan Trueman, Steve Reich, Steve Schick, Angélica Negrón, Dan Deacon, Martin Schmidt (of Matmos), Juri Seo, Barbara White, Lukas Ligeti, Grey McMurray, Cenk Ergun, NEXUS, Joan Tower, Tristan Perich, Suzanne Farrin, Mark Dancigers, Dennis Desantis, and Sarah Kirkland Snider.

    The Institute’s Mission

    The emergence of the percussion group as a standard ensemble has been one of the most exciting developments in contemporary western music. Sō Percussion was formed to expand this important voice in the 21st century, taking a cue from groups in North America and Europe, as well as the pioneering composers who inspired them.

    Since its inception in 1999, education has become an increasingly important part of Sō’s mission. Its members share a firm belief that inherent in an artist’s career is a responsibility to pass on practical advice and mentorship to young artists. The Sō Percussion Summer Institute seeks to fulfill this promise by providing a unique educational opportunity to percussionists and composers at one of the most critical stages of their development. The program offers a hands-on experience that brings the practical and theoretical together:

        • Commissioning/Creating new music
        • Fruitful collaboration with and among artists
        • The rehearsal and development process
        • Performance


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Email shelby@sopercussion.com with questions and inquiries.

Apply HERE for scholarships!


Festival Directors and Founders – Sō Percussion

The four members of Sō Percussion are the primary faculty of the Sō Percussion Summer Institute.

Read more:

About So About the Members

Director of Composition – Andrea Mazzariello

Composer Andrea Mazzariello, founding director of the composition program, returns in 2018. Andrea has had works performed at the Summer Institute every year since the beginning: all four parts of his ‘Bot’ series have been played at SōSI. Here’s a video of Jason Treuting performing Andrea’s “Monobot” for solo drumset.

Composition Faculty Member – Sarah Kirkland Snider

This year, SōSI is delighted to welcome Sarah Kirkland Snider to the Composition Faculty!  Sarah has been a guest artist at the summer institute since the beginning. Here’s a video of The River from UNREMEMBERED, a song cycle in 13 parts for seven voices, chamber orchestra, and electronics, released September 4, 2015 on New Amsterdam Records.

Princeton Music Department

princeton1-mackey princeton2-trueman

Every year at SōSI we are joined by the amazing faculty and graduate students of the Princeton University Music Department, all of whom have written many works for percussion.  In past years we have been joined for masterclasses and coachings by Princeton composers Steve Mackey, Dan Trueman, Juri Seo, Barbara White, Dimitri Tymoczko, Paul Lansky, and Donnacha Dennehy.


SōSI 2020 Events

Our concerts will be live-streamed on on our Youtube Channel and on our Facebook page.

Sunday July 12 at 8pm ET/5pm PT.
Sō Percussion Summer Institute Opening Concert 2020

Welcome to SōSI! When we founded the So Percussion Summer Institute in 2009, we set out to create the chamber music summer festival we wish had existed when we were students. We launched a two-week program in Princeton, NJ where emerging percussionists and composers could gather and collaborate, benefitting from performing alongside seasoned pros and playing unique works by living composers—often for the first time. Over the last eleven gatherings of SōSI, we’ve done just that, providing hundreds of percussionists and dozens of composers with the opportunity to explore the new, hone their skills, and become part of a community of idealistic creators and interpreters.

This year’s SōSI looks a little different—we’re gathering online, which allows us to welcome artists from around the world—but we are so proud of what these students are creating with us. Enjoy!

When social distance became a necessity (and we faced an abruptly bare concert calendar), we decided to use the time and space to create a new version of a signature work,  Jason Treuting’s Amid the Noise. Written for flexible instrumentation, Amid the Noise lends itself well to  layering and technological artistry. The process of interpreting each movement (some with the quartet, and many more with musical colleagues) helped us understand what felt right for socially distanced creative work – and how we wanted to record and layer it all together. 

This learning process has shaped the structure of SōSI 2020 Online, and we are delighted to premiere the complete Amid the Noise 2020 for you as our opening concert. 

There is much to come over the coming weeks, and we can’t wait to share more work and creative collaboration with the brilliant students of SōSI, and with the greater public. 

Stay tuned, and be well!

-Eric, Josh, Adam, Jason, and Shelby

P.S. – After the show – Jason Treuting will host an Instagram Live to chat the genesis of Amid the Noise – join us on Sō Percussion’s channel –  @sopercussion! 

This is a free concert. Help us continue our work within SōSI by making a donation!  

100% of contributions made during this event will go directly to The Outreach Program

For the past six years, Sō Percussion has partnered during SōSI with The Outreach Program to pack meals for food-insecure families in Mercer County, NJ. COVID had other plans this year, but we’re still committed to The Outreach Program’s great work. When we host SoSI on Princeton’s beautiful campus, our annual food-packing event reminds students that many of Princeton’s neighbors in Mercer County struggle with food insecurity. The percentage of food-insecure residents in Mercer County has grown amidst COVID-19, rising from 8.9% in 2018 to an estimated 13.6% this year. Now more than ever we are honored to partner with The Outreach Program: any gifts to Sō Percussion during SōSI (July 12-26, 2020)  will go directly to The Outreach Program.

Program: Amid the Noise – Jason Treuting 

Work Slow Life
What the Hell
Fire Escapes

Guest Performers Include:

Cristina Altamura
Griffin Brown
Brandon Babb
Craig Bitterman
Kasey Blezinger
Shelby Blezinger-McCay
David Bramley
Tyler Carpenter
Yeji Cha-Beach
Gregg Charest
Aaron Abrahamson Cote
Kadesh Clouden
David Degge
Khaalis De Las
Matt Dudack
Amanda Duncan
Aaron Edgcomb
Rheanne Edwards
Cenk Ergün
Michael Fabian
Austin Ferguson
Russell Fisher
Greg Fritz
Alexandros Fragiskatos
Dave Gerhart
Hakim Goodridge
Wes Hawkins
Candice Hill
Audrey Holden
Nathalie Joachim
JJ Johnson
Greg Jukes
Rachel Julian
Blaine Klein
Melinda Leoce
Jason Little
Allison Littlejohn
Preston Long
Diana Loomer
Lily Manes
Murray Mast
Rich Maurer
Andrew Martin
CJ Menge
Beth Meyers
Elsie Meyers Treuting
Paulina Michels
Lauren Molloy
James Moore
Brett Morris
Christopher Neale
Angélica Negrón
Jeff Neitzke
Joseph Peck
Garrett Sanborne
Abby Savell
Baljinder Sekhon, II
Mike Schwebke
Dan Shiller
Le’Roi Simmonds
David Singhaus
Morgan Tao
Adam Tendler
Darian Thomas
Sachelle Thomas
Phong Tran
Elliot Wallace
Chad Waterman
Kendall Williams

Thursday, July 23, 2020 – 7pm ET
Sō Percussion Summer Institute with the Princeton Public Library

The Sō Percussion Summer Institute is excited to partner with the Princeton Public Library to host a live performance and talk! More information to come very soon! 

Saturday July 25, 2020 – 4pm ET – 7pm ET
Sō Percussion Summer Institute Day of Awesomeness

The Sō Percussion Summer Institute Closes our 12th annual festival with 3 hours of Live music culminating in the projects created within the past two weeks! (July 12-25, 2020) Students from all over the world joined our Collaborative program to create realizations of new work, reinterpreting older works, and workshopping individual projects!  Today we are thrilled to announce 19 new work premieres and more!

SōSI 2020 Day of Awesomeness Program – 

New work premieres composed and performed by: 

Raquel Acevedo Klein
Orson Abram
Krists Auznieks
Johnathan Barker
Neil Beckmann
Aslan Cawley
Adam Clifton
Brian Ellis
Elliott Godinez
Hunter Gross
Lawton Hall
Jack Herscowitz
Brian Keith
John Kelley
Gavin Kitchen
Karl Kim
Clint Koehler
Samuel Kreusler
Dan Langa
Pascal Le Boeuf
Soo-Yeon Lyuh
Brian Mark
Reese Maultsby
Anthony McIntosh
Max Meyer
Jacob Miller
James Moore
Thomas Morrison
Eric Puente
Devon Osamu Tipp
Austin Richey
Kendall Rhymer
Elijah Shina
McKenzie Squires
Elijah Smith
Carolyn Stallard
Mariah Taller
Malcolm Taylor
Sachelle Thomas
Katrina Toner
Theodore Trevisan
Max Vinetz
Clinton Washington III
Eric Whitmer
Zachary Wilson
Jack Yagerline

Special thanks to:

Special thanks to our SōSI supporters, who continue to make this program possible:

The Brookby Foundation
ASCAP Foundation
Cindee and Larry Snider
Sara Coffey and Dave Snyder
ORIGIN UK, care of Peter Rawlings
Jackie and John Treuting
Princeton University Department of Music
Sarah Kirkland Snider
Astrid Baumgardner

Would you like to join our SōSI Producer’s Circle?

Sō Percussion is incredibly grateful to all of our supporters. Our Producers provide direct support to more than 40 students, who will study at the Sō Percussion Summer Institute with Sō Percussion and affiliated artists. With support from individuals like you, this program will cultivate productive and meaningful experiences for artists and audiences alike. Please contact Program Coordinator, Shelby Blezinger-McCay at  shelby@sopercussion.com for more information.



Each year, thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, Sō Percussion awards partial scholarships through competitive application to attend the Sō Percussion Summer Institute.

For the 2020 Summer Institute, a number of partial scholarships (ranging from $125-$1300) will be available.

Apply HERE  for scholarships!



Donations to the Sō Percussion Summer Institute go directly to benefit the students of the program.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our festival.

Donate to SōSI

For more information about giving, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Special thanks to:

Each summer, The ASCAP Foundation provides fellowships for student composers to attend SōSI; we are very grateful for their support!

Princeton Music Department
David Oswald
Steve Mackey
Dan Trueman
Paul Lansky
Barbara White
Cameron Britt
Andrea Mazzariello
Martha Easton and Patrick Sullivan
Anonymous Family Foundation
Wolfy and Kayrock Screenprinting
Sarah Kirkland Snider
Emily Johnson
Ain Gordon
Talvin Wilks
Rinde Eckert
Susan Marshall
Mark DeChiazza
Jeff Snyder
Rebecca Lazier
Astrid Baumgardner
Neil Larivee
Princeton Composers
Yumi Tamashiro
Zildjian Cymbals
Pearl Drums/Adams Musical Instruments
Vic Firth Sticks and Mallets
Remo Drumheads
Estey Organ Company

Sō Percussion wishes to thank the following individuals for their generous support:

The Brookby Foundation, The Aaron Copland Fund, The American Music Project, The Amphion Foundation, The Ditson Fund, The Howard Gilman Foundation, The Thendara Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts: Art Works, The New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, The Composers Guild of New Jersey, The ASCAP Foundation, New Music USA’s NYC New Music Impact Fund, made possible with funding from The Scherman Foundation’s Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund, Sara Coffey and Dave Snyder, David Oswald, Russell Makowsky, John and Astrid Baumgardner, Stephen Myers, Hank McNeil, Larry and Cyndee Snider, Charles and Susan Snyder, John and Jackie Treuting, Mark Applebaum, William Armstrong, Yuki Asada, Dan Baldini, Elizabeth Beach, Nathaniel Beck, John H. Beck, Michael and Becky Bennett, Walter (Hudie) Broughton, Zac Brunell, Robyn and Paul Buxton, Kristin Cahill, William Cahn, Tyler Carpenter, Eileen Carr, Christina Carroll, Elliot Cole, Terry and Guadalupe De Vries, Matthew and Lara Dudack, Candace Dwan, Rachel Elson, Dorothea Endicott, Cenk Ergun, Widder Foundation, Stuart Gerber, Lisa Goldberg, David and Jennifer Gordon, Ain Gordon, Carolyn Graham, Marcy Gunnell, Inez and David Gutman, Jonathan Haas, Carol and Richard Haas, James Hanbury, James Heller, Lisa Iceman, Jonathan Kaledin, Ayano Kataoka, Will Keith, Christina Kershner, David Lang, Paul and Hannah Lansky, John A. Leppman, Martin Bresnick and Lisa Moore, Diana Loomer, Alex MacKay, Benjamin Maldonado, Richard and Jayne Marchioni, Edward G. Freitag Martha B. Haley Family Foundation, James McKenzie, Jacqueline Meyers, Josh Milstein, Jane Noyes, Tristan Perich, Roger Phillips, David M. Phipps, Sughra Raza, Michael and Marlene Rosen, Nicole Serratore, Andrew Siegel, Eve Sliwinski, Sarah Snider, Susan Sontag, Jane Stewart, Jonathan Szanto, Margaret Travers, David Weller, Mary J. Wensel, Roger Zahab.


After 10 amazing years of SōSI, we have quite a roster of alumni, many of whom have gone on to form their own groups and pursue unique musical interests.  Some of them sent along websites where you can learn more about everything they are doing.

TIGUE: alumni of SōSI 2009


SoSI 2020 Online will not have a normal auditing option. The online course is available to anybody who signs up for it.


2020 Sō Percussion Summer Institute

1) Collaborative SōSI – an interactive festival of online collaboration with other participants and Sō Percussion. Open space is limited.

  • Tuition – $500

2) SōSI Online Course (automatically included with Collaborative SoSI).

  • Tuition – $250

Pay by Mail:

Mail a check or money order to:

Sō Percussion
Attn: Summer Institute
20 Grand Ave. #205
Brooklyn, NY 11205


Each year, an amazing team of interns helps us keep this extremely complicated festival going!  Interns have usually been SōSI alumni who come and help us organize gear, produce concerts, and keep the ship running.

The bulk of our interns’ duties fall within logistics for a festival which hosts dozens of world premieres by 40-50 percussionists each summer. They receive free room and board during the festival, and frequently participate in performances themselves.

FIll out THIS FORM to request more information! ALL POSITIONS FILLED FOR 2020 PLEASE APPLY NEXT YEAR! Contact shelby@sopercussion.com for any questions.

(Left to right: Lindsay Vasko, Evan Miller, Andrea Tafelski)