Sō Percussion’s “Trilogy” at the Lincoln Center Festival: Xenakis, Ergün, Trueman

July 29, 20168:00pm

Praised equally for their technical virtuosity and creative vision, Sō Percussion is renowned as one of the most exciting ensembles of its kind. Unsurpassed interpreters of the growing canon of chamber music for percussion, they also work with tireless verve and a highly collaborative spirit to bring the distinctively flexible techniques of percussion to new music of all genres.

In Métaux, from Xenakis’s groundbreaking 1978 work Pleiades, ghostly overtones rise above the sharp pings of struck metal creating a truly otherworldly experience. Proximity, a contemplative 25-minute piece by the Turkish-born, Oakland-based composer and improviser Cenk Ergun, continues the sense that different combinations of metallic sounds—made here by bells, cymbals, vibes, glockenspiels, and tam tams—can unlock entirely “hypnotically meditative” new sonic realms (NewMusicBox). The crackle and fuzz of a needle dropping on vinyl opens Dan Trueman’s five-act story of man and machine in the digital age, which pulls in metronomes, drum machines, repurposed video game controllers, mics, amps, digital filters, and much more, all to dazzling effect.