Sō at Santa Barbara Arts and Lectures

April 21, 20238:00pm

Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part

Sō Percussion offers an “exhilarating blend of precision and anarchy, rigor and bedlam.” The New Yorker

“Whether inverting an old song or sculpting a whirlwind from dust, Shaw’s work highlights the divine in the ordinary.” Pitchfork

Pulitzer Prize-winner Caroline Shaw joins Sō Percussion as vocalist for ten songs she co-composed with the quartet members. Let the Soil Play Its Simple Partexplores soil cultivation as a metaphor for creativity and collaboration. Shaw’s remarkable ear for melody and harmony and Sō’s playful sense of rhythmic invention come together in this strikingly original music. Taking inspiration from James Joyce, ABBA, American roots music, plainchant, Christian hymns and stories from the Old Testament, Sō Percussion and Caroline Shaw dissolve the boundaries between classical and pop.