Sō Labs: Noise Catalogue + Gabriel Garcia + Jemina Brechoire

April 13, 20238:00pm

20 Grand Ave #205
Brooklyn, NY 11205 map

Noise Catalogue

Noise Catalogue is a New York-based contemporary music collective. Their work is driven by a passion for creating universally engaging concert experiences, drawing on a diverse range of musical influences including minimalism, avant-garde classical, Hungarian and Romanian folk, and electro-acoustic ambient music. Members are graduates of the Contemporary Performance Program at Manhattan School of Music, where they performed together in the award-winning Tactus ensemble. Recent projects have included premiering several newly-commissioned and original works throughout New York and in Budapest, Hungary, as well as winning a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts to perform their NYC debut at the Tenri Cultural Institute.


Noise Catalogue was founded upon a desire to create universally engaging contemporary music concerts.
Our work draws on a diverse range of musical influences, including minimalism, contemporary classical avant-garde, Hungarian and Romanian folk, and electro-acoustic ambient music. We seek new ways of synthesizing these influences by collaborating with artists of diverse backgrounds, as well as creating original works.

We believe that amid the constant flow of data and stimuli that surrounds us, meaning can be discovered through experimentation and synthesis. Our name serves as a metaphor for this process – cataloguing the noise of the world and recombining it into content which is both innovative and emotionally resonant. Using this guiding principle, we design experiences which celebrate the diverse means by which humans sift through the world’s chaotic noise to uncover purpose, connection, and beauty.

Gabriel Garcia 

Brooklyn-based performer and artist Gabriel Garcia passionately embraces exploration as the driving force behind his creative endeavors. By collaborating with innovative composers and employing unique performance practices, Gabriel concentrates on conveying human emotions and expressions through uncommon methods. His dual expertise in metal sculpture enables him to weave together multiple disciplines in multimedia projects, further exploring themes of identity and spirituality through introspection.

Gabriel holds a recent degree from the Contemporary Performance Program at the Manhattan School of Music and earned his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. Since 2020, he has been immersing himself in New York City’s vibrant artistic community, continuously learning, growing, and contributing his own voice.


Jemina Brechoire

Jemina Brechoire is a composer, pianist, vocalist and producer based in New York.

Having originally trained as a jazz pianist, Jemina entered Berklee College Of Music with a Presidential Scholarship. There she deepened her love for cross cultural music and interdisciplinary art.

In her work she has been striving to connect seemingly unrelated themes, people and places both through the medium of music and throughout her collaboration.

Learn more about Jemina at Soundcloud and Spotify