The Sō Percussion Summer Institute 2020 Opening Concert!

July 12, 20208:00pm

Welcome to SōSI! When we founded the So Percussion Summer Institute in 2009, we set out to create the chamber music summer festival we wish had existed when we were students. We launched a two-week program in Princeton, NJ where emerging percussionists and composers could gather and collaborate, benefitting from performing alongside seasoned pros and playing unique works by living composers—often for the first time. Over the last eleven gatherings of SōSI, we’ve done just that, providing hundreds of percussionists and dozens of composers with the opportunity to explore the new, hone their skills, and become part of a community of idealistic creators and interpreters.

This year’s SōSI looks a little different—we’re gathering online, which allows us to welcome artists from around the world—but we are so proud of what these students are creating with us. Enjoy!

When social distance became a necessity (and we faced an abruptly bare concert calendar), we decided to use the time and space to create a new version of a signature work,  Jason Treuting’s Amid the Noise. Written for flexible instrumentation, Amid the Noise lends itself well to  layering and technological artistry. The process of interpreting each movement (some with the quartet, and many more with musical colleagues) helped us understand what felt right for socially distanced creative work – and how we wanted to record and layer it all together. 

This learning process has shaped the structure of SōSI 2020 Online, and we are delighted to premiere the complete Amid the Noise 2020 for you as our opening concert. 

There is much to come over the coming weeks, and we can’t wait to share more work and creative collaboration with the brilliant students of SōSI, and with the greater public. 

Stay tuned, and be well!

-Eric, Josh, Adam, Jason, and Shelby

P.S. – After the show – Jason Treuting will host an Instagram Live to chat the genesis of Amid the Noise – join us on Sō Percussion’s channel –  @sopercussion! 

Click here to join this live stream!

This is a free concert. Help us continue our work within SōSI by making a donation!  

100% of contributions made during this event will go directly to The Outreach Program

For the past six years, Sō Percussion has partnered during SōSI with The Outreach Program to pack meals for food-insecure families in Mercer County, NJ. COVID had other plans this year, but we’re still committed to The Outreach Program’s great work. When we host SoSI on Princeton’s beautiful campus, our annual food-packing event reminds students that many of Princeton’s neighbors in Mercer County struggle with food insecurity. The percentage of food-insecure residents in Mercer County has grown amidst COVID-19, rising from 8.9% in 2018 to an estimated 13.6% this year. Now more than ever we are honored to partner with The Outreach Program: any gifts to Sō Percussion during SōSI (July 12-26, 2020)  will go directly to The Outreach Program.

Program: Amid the Noise – Jason Treuting 

Work Slow Life
What the Hell
Fire Escapes

Guest Performers Include:

Cristina Altamura
Griffin Brown
Brandon Babb
Craig Bitterman
Kasey Blezinger
Shelby Blezinger-McCay
David Bramley
Tyler Carpenter
Yeji Cha-Beach
Gregg Charest
Aaron Abrahamson Cote
Kadesh Clouden
David Degge
Khaalis De Las
Matt Dudack
Amanda Duncan
Aaron Edgcomb
Rheanne Edwards
Cenk Ergün
Michael Fabian
Austin Ferguson
Russell Fisher
Greg Fritz
Alexandros Fragiskatos
Dave Gerhart
Hakim Goodridge
Wes Hawkins
Candice Hill
Audrey Holden
Nathalie Joachim
JJ Johnson
Greg Jukes
Rachel Julian
Blaine Klein
Melinda Leoce
Jason Little
Allison Littlejohn
Preston Long
Diana Loomer
Lily Manes
Murray Mast
Rich Maurer
Andrew Martin
CJ Menge
Beth Meyers
Elsie Meyers Treuting
Paulina Michels
Lauren Molloy
James Moore
Brett Morris
Christopher Neale
Angélica Negrón
Jeff Neitzke
Joseph Peck
Garrett Sanborne
Abby Savell
Baljinder Sekhon, II
Mike Schwebke
Dan Shiller
Le’Roi Simmonds
David Singhaus
Morgan Tao
Adam Tendler
Darian Thomas
Sachelle Thomas
Phong Tran
Elliot Wallace
Chad Waterman
Kendall Williams