Brooklyn Bound

The loft scene is alive!

Now in its fifth year, Brooklyn Bound is a popular series of concerts at Sō’s working studio in the Navy Yard section of Brooklyn. Casual and intimate, the concerts feature us and emerging ensembles from our local scene. The groups are encouraged to try out new material, premiere new commissions, completely experiment, or just get another performance under their belt.

When Sō Percussion first started performing in New York City, there were many venues – Galapagos, The Stone, 285 Kent, The Tank – where artists could play for small groups and experiment. We’d try new music and get feedback from other artists and avid fans of our scene. In recent years these venues moved away or closed as rents skyrocketed. We want to keep some of that spirit alive in our own studio, both for ourselves and for younger artists who need to play those gigs as well.

Brooklyn Bound is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Upcoming Shows

March 5, 2019 – Arx Duo, Alex Dowling and Emma O’Halloran, and Travis Laplante

Alex Dowling is an Irish composer who writes for real and imaginary instruments. His recent work involves repurposing autotune to create strange and otherworldly extensions of the voice. This Brooklyn Bound set will feature a preview of sections from his large scale electronic vocal work that will be premiered later this year. Joining him on vocals is Emma O’Halloran, an Irish composer and singer.

Travis Laplante is a composer, improviser, and saxophonist living in Brooklyn, NY, and southern VT, who is dedicated to remembering music’s original purpose and to bringing it back into modern consciousness.  Laplante leads Battle Trance, the acclaimed tenor saxophone quartet as well as Subtle Degrees, his newest project with drummer Gerald Cleaver.  Laplante believes that music is magic that is one of the most powerful forms of spiritual medicine.  He is particularly interested in dissolving the separation between musical performers and listeners and transforming the physical space of the performance setting into a portal of resonance where anything is possible.

March 6, 2019 – Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves, W² Percussion, and Sō Percussion

Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves are an electro-country band that draw from the traditions of 1960s country, 1980s dream pop, and modern electronic dance music. Their music runs the entire gamut of human emotion – from sadness over a recent breakup, to depression over an impending divorce, to despair over a lifetime prison sentence. Owen Lake’s stage band includes Pam Stein on vocals, James Moore and Gavin Steingo on guitar, Anica Mrose Rissi on fiddle, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells on bass, and Mark Eichenberger on electronic drums. Pop Matters says “Owen Lake has forged a new path for country music that will surprise many, infuriate some, and, more important, inspire others to follow bravely beyond the pulsing horizon.” Come listen and cry along to “the new sound of country.”

Washington Squared (W² Percussion) is a New York based percussion duo founded in 2017. Nick Gigante and Yang Chen met while pursuing graduate studies at New York University. W² percussion is constantly interested in expanding the percussion duo repertoire and will be premiering 6 commissioned works in Spring 2019. W² percussion is affiliated with Cisum Percussion, a Brooklyn based percussion collective, and will be performing with them in this concert season. W² percussion is the inaugural recipient of a grant from the Cro-Ken Sullivan Fund which supported a W² educational tour in Tampa, Florida. W² percussion is a Vic Firth endorsed artist.

May 7, 2019 – Kendall Williams, Daniel Matei, and Troika

May 8, 2019 – An evening curated by DITHER

Doors at 7:45pm
First come first served
$10 suggested donation

Sō Percussion studio
20 Grand Ave, #205, Brooklyn
(between Flushing and Park)

email Yumi Tamashiro for more information.

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"There Might Be Others" by Dan Trueman and Rebecca Lazier

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