Brooklyn Bound

The loft scene is alive!

Now in its sixth year, Brooklyn Bound is a popular series of concerts at Sō’s working studio in the Navy Yard section of Brooklyn. Casual and intimate, the concerts feature us and emerging ensembles from our local scene.

New in 2019, the Brooklyn Bound Podcast! Check it out below on this page. Each batch of new episodes appears underneath the listing, and we have an archive at the bottom of the page.

Brooklyn Bound is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

2019-2020 Artists

Lainie Fefferman
Russell Fisher and Matt Overbay
Caroline Shaw

Aynsley Vandenbroucke
Aaron Edgecomb
Jenny Beck

Petra Elek/Joan Tower
Mike Marcinowski and Rachel Sigrid Freeburg Duo
The Bergamot Quartet

Matt Evans

Upcoming Shows

January 23, 2020
Doors at 7:45pm

Learn more about our artists through the Brooklyn Bound Podcast beneath each bio! Jason Treuting interviews each of this week’s artists prior to their appearance at Brooklyn Bound.

Featuring: Lainie Fefferman, Russell Fisher with Matt Overbay, and Caroline Shaw with Sō Percussion!

Lainie Fefferman with James Moore and Eleonore Oppenheim

“Three Necks for electric guitarist James Moore and I Was Hooked for bassist Eleonore Oppenheim are my two newest commissions in my Portrait Pieces Project – a series of pieces that act as sonic portraits of performer and composer at once.  For James’s portrait, I recorded a scrabble game I played with him and Jascha Narveson (scrabble figures prominently my friendship with James!) and made a tape track out of the wacky musings of our merry trio to play along with the Zorn-inflected score I created for him.  For Eleonore, I was really inspired by her engagement with the indie rock scene, as well as her minimalist and post-minimalist roots, so I used recordings of her playing and her description of her musical experiences to create a low fi “percussion” heavy track to run beneath her alternatingly mechanistic or lyrical live bass part.” – Lainie Fefferman

Read more about Lainie, James and Eleonore!

MoRF percussion duo with Tanner Porter

Hailing from New York University, percussionists Russell Fisher and Matthew Overbay have been collaborating since their undergraduate years. Their duo combination, MoRF, grew out of a natural shared love of chamber music. While pursuing graduate studies at the Yale School of Music, Russell met composer Tanner Porter, laying the foundation for the collaboration with MoRF. Tanner’s transparent and tuneful writing can be heard unassumingly across genre, from underground DIY outlets to Carnegie Hall. MoRF was lucky enough to collaborate with Tanner and premiere “Clay Shaper” at the Sō Percussion Summer Institute this past summer. The combination is excited to continue to break and blur new music expectations in 2020.
-Matthew Overbay

Read about Russell HERE!

Caroline Shaw and Sō Percussion

Caroline Shaw and Sō Percussion combine forces for a powerful new original set of songs composed together and will perform excerpts from Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part. Shaw’s faultless ear for melody and harmony, combined with Sō’s rhythmic invention and compositional experimentation, make for a world of sonic richness that feels fresh and unique. It is a journey across the landscape of the soul, told through the medium of distinctly contemporary songs which represent Shaw’s debut album as a solo vocal artist.

Read about Caroline Shaw HERE!

First come first served
$10 suggested donation

Sō Percussion studio
20 Grand Ave, #205, Brooklyn
(between Flushing and Park)

email John Stapleton for more information.

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"There Might Be Others" by Dan Trueman and Rebecca Lazier

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Mantra Percussion

Matt Evans
Mike Marcinowski
Mobius Percussion



Palladium Percussion

Pascal Le Beouf

Petra Elek
Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk)

Rachel Sigrid Freeburg
Sandbox Percussion
Sirius String Quartet
Square Peg Round Hole

SR9 Trio

TAK Ensemble

Tanner Porter

Travis LaPlante
Ursula Eagly

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