Brooklyn Bound

The loft scene is alive!

Now in its tenth year, Brooklyn Bound is a popular series of concerts at Sō’s working studio in the Navy Yard section of Brooklyn. Casual and intimate, the concerts feature us trying out new material and a broad range of artists whom we invite to perform.

All of our artists have been featured on the Brooklyn Bound Podcast! Check it out below on this page. Each batch of new episodes appears in the youtube playlist, which you can search on the upper right hand corner of the embedded video.

Brooklyn Bound is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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Accessibility: our studio is on the second floor of a loft building in Brooklyn. Parking is usually available about a block away under the BQE and on parallel side streets in the evenings. Entry to #205 is via a buzzer which is about 6 feet off the ground (please reach out ahead of time and we can provide you with a number to text for entry). After a small ramp into the doorway, an elevator to the second floor is available on the left. From there, there is a long hallway leading to our studio at #205. We have one all-gender bathroom which we are in the process of making accessible.

If you would like to attend an event at our studio and you require any accommodations, please don’t hesitate to contact us ahead of time! Email

The Brooklyn Bound Podcast

with Jason Treuting

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2022-2023 Artists

Soo Yeon Lyuh
Bora Yoon
Sō Percussion

Upcoming Shows

Monday, September 12 – 8pm ET


Soo Yeon Lyuh

Soo Yeon Lyuh is a composer, improviser, and haegeum performer. Hailing from Daegu, South Korea by way of Princeton, New Jersey, Lyuh draws inspiration from traditional Korean music to compose a meld of improvisatory and experimental sounds. Rigorously trained in the Korean traditional court and folk repertoires from a young age, Lyuh is known for creating and performing new compositions for the haegeum and Western instruments. To represent the authentic Korean musicality, she has given workshops and concerts for all ages and ethnic groups around the world. Lyuh seeks to reconfigure different musical DNAs with respect to diversity and inclusion.

Lyuh is now pursuing a PhD in music composition at Princeton University, after earning a BA, MA, and DMA in Korean Musicology from Seoul National University. Previously, Lyuh served Mills College as a visiting scholar (2017-2018), University of California, Berkeley (2015-2016), and University of Hawai’i at Manoa (2011–2012).

Read more about Soo Yeon here!

Bora Yoon

Bora Yoon is a Korean-American composer, vocalist, and sound artist who conjures audiovisual soundscapes using digital devices, voice, and instruments from a variety of cultures and historical centuries to formulate storytelling through music, movement, and sound.

Featured on the front-page of the Wall-Street Journal, WIRE magazine, TED and the National Endowment for the Arts podcast for her use of unusual instruments and everyday found objects as music, she evokes what George Lewis describes as “a kind of sonic memory garden” – using voice, viola, Tibetan singing bowls, vocoder, Bible pages, bike bells, turntable, walkie-talkies, chimes, water, and electronics.  Yoon has presented her work at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, BAM, Visiones Sonoras (Mexico), Festival of World Cultures (Poland); and provided the live score for Haruki Murakami’s Wind Up Bird Chronicle– an interdisciplinary theatre adaptation, co-commissioned by Asia Society, Baryshnikov Art Center, Edinburgh International Arts Festival, and Singapore Arts Festival in addition to addtl featured music within Apple TV+’s PACHINKO, based on the NY Times bestselling novel by Min Jin Lee.

Read more about Bora here!

Sō Percussion

Sō Percussion will perform a workshop performance of a new quintet by Bora Yoon along with works by Soo Yeon Lyuh, and James Moore.


Email John Stapleton for more information.


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"There Might Be Others" by Dan Trueman and Rebecca Lazier

Previous Performers on Brooklyn Bound:

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Anna Wray

Annika Socolofsky
Arx Duo
Ashley Fure
Aynsley Vandenbroucke
Bergamot Quartet
Bora Yoon
Caroline Shaw
Cenk Ergun

Cisum Percussion
Charmaine Lee
Clara Warnaar

Dan Trueman
David Degge

Dither Quartet
Echo Artifact

Emily Johnson

Emma O’Halloran
Empyrean Atlas
ensemble, et al

Evan Chapman
Excelsis Percussion

Forever House
Iktus Percussion

Jason Treuting
Jeff Snyder
Jenny Beck
Jeremy Malvin

Ji-Hye Jung

Joy on Fire
Kaoru Watanabe
Kendall Williams
Kid Millions

Lainie Fefferman

Leah Asher

Long Leash

Lucy Dhegrae
Mantra Percussion

Matt Evans
Matt Overbay
Mike Marcinowski
Mobius Percussion



Palladium Percussion

Pascal Le Beouf

Petra Elek
Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk)

Rachel Sigrid Freeburg
Russell Fisher
Sandbox Percussion
Sirius String Quartet
Square Peg Round Hole

SR9 Trio

TAK Ensemble

Tanner Porter

Travis LaPlante
Ursula Eagly

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