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Through a mix of consummate skill and quirky charm, this mercurial quartet has helped to ignite an explosive new enthusiasm for percussion music old and new.

–The New York Times

“The evening was an exhilarating blend of precision and anarchy, rigor and bedlam…”

– The New Yorker

“This group plays with an irresistible vitality.” -The Washington Post

“If percussionists are, as proclaimed elsewhere, the new princes of the realm of virtuosity, then these four young, steel-wristed, Brooklyn-based Yale graduates wear the crown with panache.” The Financial Times

“a marvelous program…crisply sensitive performances…” – San Francisco Chronicle

“The range of colors and voices that So Percussion coaxes from its menagerie is astonishing and entrancing.”  -Billboard Magazine

“This ensemble has set the New York standard for percussion innovation.” – The New Yorker

“The weekend’s electrifying percussion pieces deserve a cheer too. The So Percussion group were a knockout in Steve Reich’s Mallet Quartet…” -The Guardian UK 

“The smart and dazzling local percussion quartet… ”  – The Village Voice 

“Sō Percussion have [Steve Reich’s Mallet Quartet] nailed, finding both the inner glow and the outer edge, and never letting the tapestry lapse into the flat or routine.” – BBC Music

“The reason for their success is simple: staggering ensemble virtuosity, which allows them to exhale the most complex scores like a single, multi-malleted organism.” – emusic.com 



The New York Times

“‘Let the soil play its simple part’ is planned for release this year. Grammy nominators, take note.” February 7, 2020

“But this performance featured the premiere of David Lang’s new arrangement of “man made,” his single-movement concerto for percussion and orchestra, written in 2013 for the four brilliant players of So Percussion.” August 24, 2017

“Much of the music is made up of breathtakingly complex and fragile interlocking rhythms that are shared between the players, who, in the course of 15 years of professional ensemble playing, seem to have developed telepathic powers of communication.” July 31, 2016

“…it is the arrangement and imaginative juxtaposition of familiar instrumental timbres with splashing, crinkling and other exotic noises that makes these pieces so irresistible and entrancing.” October 31, 2010

“Time and again…you found yourself smiling in a quiet amazement that could verge on disbelief.”March 27, 2010

“If you think about it, drums are the new violins.” (featured in article) December 28, 2009

Feature article: July 20, 2007

“Watching the ensemble So Percussion brilliantly perform Steve Reich’s ”Music for Pieces of Wood” was like watching whirling dervishes enter an intensely focused, disciplined trance.” March 26, 2007


The Washington Post

“… [So Percussion] not only showcased their much-noted virtuosity, but they also provided a well-thought-out introduction to their repertoire.” May 10, 2009


All Music

“…[Paul Lansky’s Threads is] the confident and poised work of a composer who’s a master of his craft.”All Music Review