Sō Percussion is…

Sō Percussion is not only about the 4 percussionists who make up the group. With our summer festival, Brooklyn Bound, and many other initiatives, our organization is expanding.

Board of Directors

Dr. Dawn Batson
Astrid Baumgardner, JD, PCC
Rachel Elson (Treasurer)
Charles Fournier
Jonathan Greeney
David Lang
Steve Mackey
Russell Makowsky (Chair)
Michelle Preston (Vice Chair, Secretary)
Grace Row
Dr. Larry Snider
Catherine Koh Stillman
Xavier Verna

Artist Members


Eric Cha-Beach has been a member of Sō Percussion since 2007. A consummate percussionist, he loves to learn new instruments (like the musical saw), integrating them into diverse setups. Eric has composed a number of pieces for Sō.

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Josh Quillen has been a member of Sō Percussion since 2006. In addition to being an all-around percussionist, Josh is an expert Steel Drum artist, having studied in Trinidad and immersed himself in Steel Band culture. Josh has composed a number of pieces for Sō.

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Adam Sliwinski has been a member of  Sō Percussion since 2002. Adam is particularly interested in keyboard instruments, especially marimba and piano. His diverse projects also include conducting and writing about music.

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Jason Treuting is a founding member of Sō Percussion. A drumset specialist, Jason has pioneered an innovative drum set practice within the new music sphere. He is also a composer, having written Sō’s first album of original music Amid the Noise.

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Shelby Blezinger-McCay is a passionate soloist, chamber player, educator, and experimental musician who desires to explore the vast art of percussion and music within today’s communities and cultures.

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Emily Motherwell is Sō Percussion’s in-house press and marketing director and consultant. She founded and runs her own firm called Other Arts.

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Administrative Associate 

John Stapleton is a full-time arts administrator who has a strong musical background, with a bachelor’s degree from the Boston Conservatory and a master’s from Rutgers University, both in percussion performance. He still performs occasionally but enjoys administration and has a fair amount of experience including artist management, as well as logistics and administration for organizations such as Schmidt Artists International, Inc., Elsie Management, and New York Youth Musicians.

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Alex Appel recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Percussion Performance from NYU under the direction of Jonathan Haas.

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Griffin Brown is a composer, poet, and drummer based in Brooklyn.

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Aaron Edgcomb is a drummer and percussionist whose work appears in
many contexts including improvisational music, new music, noise, and
song. Aaron

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Connie Li is a violinist, writer, and general arts enthusiast drawn to the intersections between art and social justice.

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