Matthew Finch is Sō Percussion’s Licensing Manager. He is a Michigan-born musician transplanted to Brooklyn, New York. An active force in the avant-garde scenes of Grand Rapids and Detroit, Finch made an early name performing regularly at local bars, community ‘Studio Night’ events and DIY house venues as a bandleader, engaging along the gamut of the art world through interactive installations at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Art.Downtown and soundtracking indie films under the performance and production moniker M.O.T.H. He began M.O.T.H (“music of the hue”) in his early teens and has let the project carry him through many transformations and phases; using the acronym as both the name of his performing ensemble as well as a production moniker to release albums. M.O.T.H’s consistent yet ever-evolving voice has varied from atmospheric solo act, to an 11 member post-rock ensemble, and every size between, with varying personnel, including Mike Kelly (drums), Mike Cousins (drums), Riche Arndorfer (oboe), Jake Shadik (sax), Aaron Garcia (guitar) and Robby Bowen (drums). M.O.T.H’s live performances stem from a strong sense of optimism about community projects and social collaborations. He earned his Bachelor’s in Composition and Jazz performance at Grand Valley State University, and has held previous internships as well as works with Cantaloupe Records, Le Poisson Rouge, and BRIC.

Inspired both by the diversity of his trans-media collaborations, the community of urban environments and a passion to celebrate music in accessible, free and public spaces Finch has begun to reach beyond the role of performer, and into administrative roles with organizations like Make Music New York, occasionally hosting the Making Music radio hour on WBAI, and Look + Listen Festival as well as curating his own project: the [say-khul sentrik] presenting series in Brooklyn, along with slashsound’s Artistic Director Adam Cuthbert.