Service and Community

Increasingly, Sō Percussion has come to define our mission in terms of service to our various overlapping communities. Although we embrace the traditional role of an arts organization as bringing the arts to diverse communities through education, we have also begun to pursue projects that provide direct service to those in need.

SōSI Fights Hunger

Inspired by Sō member Josh Quillen’s experience volunteering at his wife Stephanie’s church, we produced our first food-packing service event at SōSI 2015 through the amazing organization End Hunger NE.

E-b9db076a7f4ebbe7nlisting the help of our festival participants, in one afternoon we packed over 35,000 meals for the Mercer County Crisis Center, a vital charity in the Princeton area.

The Times of Trenton had a wonderful write-up HERE.

We make this day of service an annual tradition at SōSI, and this year’s event has already been scheduled for July 21, 2019.


Carbon Offsets

Touring is our lifeblood, but it is also carbon-intensive. Every conscientious musician grapples with this reality. To do our part in moving towards a sustainable future, Sō has begun to invest in carbon offsets. Last year we covered our entire year of touring plus SōSI participants travel by purchasing from Native Energy.

A carbon offset is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that is not required by law and would not have happened without financial support from the carbon offset market.

Through the strategic use of carbon offsets, NativeEnergy helps businesses and corporations meet their sustainability goals.


Sō Percussion is committed to ensuring that every performance is ADA accessible.  We work with the venues at which we perform to provide wheelchair accommodations, assistive listening devices, and reserved parking.

If you have any questions about accessibility options for a particular event, please contact or call (917) 909-0152.