Buke & Gase – A Record Of

released January 29, 2021

Buke and Gase is:
Arone Dyer: vocals, buke, bulbul parang
Aron Sanchez: gase, drum, computer

So Percussion is:
Eric Cha-Beach: vibraphone, small drum kit #2, Ableton, bulbul parang, kalimba, percussion
Josh Quillen: vibraphone, almglocken, small drum kit, maracas/bells, Microkorg synthesizer
Adam Sliwinski: vibraphone, toy piano
Jason Trueting: drum set, vibraphone, glockenspiel

Travis Laplante: tenor saxophone on “Spinach” and “This Threat”

All songs collaboratively composed by Buke and Gase and So Percussion — except tracks 4, 8-10 by Buke and Gase
All lyrics by Arone Dyer

Recorded at Guilford Sound by Dave Snyder

Produced & Mixed by Aron Sanchez & Arone Dyer
Additional production by Eric Cha-Beach on “Wake for Yourself”
Mastered by Aron Sanchez except track 10 by Sarah Register

Cover mono print by Arrow Kleeman
Instax photos by Richard Aufrichtig
Layout by Aron Sanchez and Arone Dyer