Cha-Beach – Mirror Study

by Eric Cha-Beach

vibraphone duo to be played on one instrument

Download includes Score, Instructions and 2 individual player parts in PDF format.

Mirror Study is dedicated to all the students of the Sō Percussion Summer Institute in 2014.

With Special Thanks to Max Fahland and Joel Block, for their hard work on the premiere performance.

The vibraphone should be placed to face the audience from one end of the instrument, so that the performers face each other and the audience sees each from the side. Either the top or bottom of the vibraphone can be pointed towards the audience; performers should enlist help with hearing the best position for an equal balance between the two players. Player 1 faces the instrument the typical way and Player 2 faces the instrument from the reverse side. Each player should perform with only two mallets.

The two performers in Mirror Study are meant to embody mirror images of one another, and as such, it is best to perform in as uniform a way as possible. It is essential for performers to use the same stickings throughout the piece, and it is strongly encouraged that performers should practice for all stick changes and movements to be in unison.