SōSI 2021 Online Companion Book

The 2021 SōSI Online Companion Book is a passive track for anybody who wants to learn about the topics we cover in SōSI masterclasses and discussions. The Companion Book contains over 40 hours of video content, new writing, and featured performances by Sō Percussion and covers a vast terrain of interests in percussion, chamber music, new music, and experimental music.

We will open this companion book on July 11, 2021 (The start of SōSI 2021) – and leave it available to all registered participants through September 1, 2021! This is an exclusive library of pre-recorded content: videos, writing, lectures, exercises. Examples include:

  • Chamber Music 101: The fundamentals of playing together in an ensemble. Includes cueing, part preparation, rehearsal techniques, performance tips.
  • A deep dive into the process of creation of some of So’s signature pieces, such as works by Steve Mackey, Caroline Shaw, David Lang, Julia Wolfe, and So Percussion.
  • Courses designed by the individual members of Sō Percussion, covering topics such as steel drum performance in contemporary music, four-limb coordination on drumset, the history and practice of 20th and 21st century experimental music, grant-writing, and integrating technology with new music.
  • SōSI 2021 Guest and Faculty Masterclasses and Discussions, access to post-event live stream guest and faculty events from SōSI 2021.

Learn at your own pace and get what you want out of it! We hope you will join us!

Pay Online:

The 2021 SōSI Online Companion Book fee is $250. Payment in full required for registration.

**Note: For anyone who participated in this course during 2020 – this is an updated and changed experience with new content.**

Pay online using the form on this page.
A 2.8% online payment convenience fee helps us cover our processing costs.