Bobby Previte: Terminals LP

True to form, Mr. Previte finds humor in juxtaposition, and works wonders with shifting texture. And as in any bustling concourse, there’s a constant convergence of complex infrastructure and uncharted human movement.

—The New York Times

Drummer, composer, bandleader and improviser Bobby Previte is known for his voluminous contributions to New York’s legendary downtown experimental music scene – an immensely fertile period in the 1980s that saw the likes of Steve Reich and Philip Glass breaking new ground with Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time, Bang on a Can and many more.

Now with nearly four decades under his belt as a creative force behind the drumkit, Previte has assembled a dream team of musicians from the jazz, indie rock and classical worlds to create TERMINALS, a luminous project consisting of five concertos for percussion ensemble and soloists, each inspired by the schematic-like terminal maps that Previte has noticed in airports around the world. Sō Percussion accompanies throughout, as Nels Cline (Wilco), John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood), Zeena Parkins and Greg Osby take turns in the forefront to deliver an electrifying part-composed, part-improvised workout spanning two vinyl pieces.

In the liner notes to the LP, pressed in a deluxe double-gatefold package, Previte breaks down the influences that inspired the project. “Terminals is a collision between, and a celebration of, two worlds. In clichéd terms: the precise, unflappable, ‘classical’ percussion ensemble meets the wild, uncontrollable, ‘jazz’ master improviser in the forum best suited to such a meeting, the concerto – a schizophrenic word whose etymology is much debated but in Italian means to ‘join together,’ while in Latin means to ‘contend.’ These two worlds happily co-exist in my mind. This is the country in which I live.”

Track listing:

Side A | Terminal 1 | Zeena Parkins | 18:11
Side B | Terminal 2 | Greg Osby | 16:00
Side C | Terminal 3 | Nels Cline | 17:58
Side D | Terminal 5 | John Medeski | 17:37

with Terminal 4 | Bobby Previte | 13:02 (available as a digital-only exclusive)