Treuting – Amid the Noise, Vol. 2

Work Slow Life


What the Hell

” It’s a remarkably beautiful and atmospheric work for an ensemble based around instruments that are, almost by definition, more visceral than ethereal.”

—All About Jazz

It has been over a decade since Jason Treuting created Amid the Noise, his first major set of compositions for percussion. Rooted in meditative, ambient sound worlds and uniquely constructed using quotes meaningful to the composer, these pieces have grown from a suite of percussion works into an abstract collection of open-ended music. They can be performed an innumerable number of ways with any conceivable instrumentation or ensemble size.

When Volume One was released in 2011, large group performances of amid the noise quickly became a recurring feature of Sō Percussion’s university residencies, as well as their annual Sō Percussion Summer Institute. These performances, while typically played with other percussionists, gradually incorporated musicians of all stripes into large ensembles. Further expanding the work, Jason and Sō began adding other newer compositions such as Extremes and life is (___) into their amid the noise sets, fully redefining the boundaries and overall scope of the collection.

-David Degge

This score contains instructions and notated music for realizing unique performances of Amid the Noise.