Treuting – Nine Numbers 7

Nine Numbers 7 is a vocal septet, the only piece in the nine numbers series specifically composed without instrumental sounds. This piece is the seventh in a set of nine, which are sequenced from solo percussionist to nonet.

All of the pieces in Nine Numbers translate the 9 x 9 solutions of Sudoku puzzles into notes and rhythms. The number nine, with its three sets of three, contains many wonderful symmetries and fractal-like characteristics. It allows for nesting structures at the largest and smallest levels.

In the pieces for fewer players, sometimes I ask the performers to help generate the score. In the solo, duo, and trio, the performers find their own puzzle solutions, and the score is a set of instructions to translate the numbers into music. In this quartet, I present the ensemble with a finished score based on my realization of the Sudoku. Different scores will exist for different ensembles. Most of the recognizable elements of the pieces will remain fixed, but surface details can change depending on the Sudoku.

The complete work of nine pieces will be the second recording of my music on Cantaloupe Music after 2006’s Amid the Noise, featuring performances by Sō Percussion, Tigue, the Meehan/Perkins Duo, Ji Hye Jung, Sandbox Percussion, and Adam Groh.

– Jason Treuting