Treuting – Thank you (__)

Thank You (__) - Mobius Percussion

Thank You (__) - Solo Version, Lane Parsons

“Thank you ( )” is a letter of gratitude in five pages. It is a thank you note of sorts to my – or your own – favorite snare drummer. In the score, the performer is asked to play the snare drum in many ways, including spinning coins on the drum, using brushes on the snares and hitting the side of the drum with a yarn mallet. The performer is asked to hum and whistle into the head of the drum and to recite fragments of text that they’ve written as tokens of thanks to their favorite snare drummer. The only thing they aren’t asked to do is play the drum with snare drum sticks.

In its original form, this piece was a solo, commissioned for the final round of the Atlanta Modern Snare Drum Competition. (Thank you Tom Sherwood!) Several years back, Mobius Percussion suggested performing the piece as an ensemble and I loved the idea, so the ensemble version is thanks to them.

“Thank you, Steve Gadd.”

– Jason Treuting

This score contains instructions and notated music for realizing unique performances of Thank You (__)