Our Studio

Sō Percussion’s studio is located at 20 Grand Avenue, Unit 205, in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Sō Percussion Studio Residency Program

Our Studio Residency Program, which recently completed its third season, commits to fostering emerging new music ensembles and organizations at Sō’s Clinton Hill Studio. Residency recipients receive rehearsal time in our studio, formal mentoring sessions, and performances on So Percussion’s Brooklyn Bound concert series. The residency was founded in 2016-17, with the help of the New Music USA Impact Fund.

Residencies include:

  • 40-50 hours of rehearsal time in our studio;
  • Use of the percussion instruments and audio equipment in our space for rehearsals;
  • Five two-hour consulting sessions, one with each member of So and our leadership team. Topics covered included grant writing and fundraising (Development Director Julia Bumke and Eric Cha-Beach), marketing and publicity (Adam Sliwinski), financial management and accounting (Josh Quillen), tour logistics and event planning (Operations Director Shelby Blezinger-McKay);
  • Use of the space for festival performances.

Applications are open for our 2019-2020 Studio Residency! CLICK HERE to apply. Applications are due by 8pm E.S.T. on AUGUST 23, 2019. Contact Julia Bumke (julia@sopercussion.com) with any questions.

PROGRAM HISTORY: As a percussion ensemble, we have a unique need for space: our 1600-square foot warehouse space is just big enough to store our collection of instruments, set up pieces for rehearsal, and maintain our office. This space is the minimum we need in order to continue our work—but as an internationally touring ensemble, there is a significant amount of time when the space sits unused.

The idea for the residency grew out of a desire to see our space used more frequently, while also helping emerging artists with the struggle for space and mentorship in New York. Even renting a small rehearsal room can cost $100 or more per rehearsal, and when that number is added to the costs of renting instruments or audio equipment, ensembles can easily spend $200-300 per rehearsal for space and instruments alone.

We selected the TAK Ensemble—a quintet of flute, clarinet, voice, violin, and percussion comprised of former Manhattan School of Music students—as our inaugural resident ensemble in 2016. Following the first season’s success, 2017-18’s resident ensemble was the Dither Quartet; and our 2018-19 organization was the Resonant Bodies Festival, an annual festival of contemporary vocal music that presents vocal artists performing repertoire of their own choosing in venues around the city.

Interested in renting our studio for a rehearsal?


Without use of Sō Percussion’s gear (see here for gear) – $60/hour

With use of Sō Percussion’s gear – $90/hour

(See here for gear available)


Contact Shelby Blezinger-McCay for booking.